Monday, December 17, 2012


coming home to my family has been wonderful. i had forgotten just how worn in home really is. i fit right into my old routine as if the past four months away never even happened. 
so far i have had a doughnut run with ethan and julia,
three or four target runs,
i have been christmas shopping,
attended sunday morning church,
seen the triplets {given lots of hugs & kisses},
made a gift,
watched way too much gossip girl in bed,
unpacked all of my belongings and moved right on in,
will start nannying today!

yes, i cannot say it enough...
i missed you california. 
i really did.

and, i'm hoping to have some fun-holiday-ish posts up on the blog!
maybe even an outfit post!
but we'll see, this coming week is already crazy busy,
and then, what do you know,
it will be 


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