Saturday, December 22, 2012


honestly, christmas is coming much too quickly for my liking. can we slooooow this whole thing down? please.

honestly, i have a cute diy saved to my drafts but i am too lazy to finish taking the pictures for it.

honestly, i feel like taking a blogging break for a bit. but i love it on here too much.

honestly, gossip girl is taking up too much valuable reading time. two a.m? i should be sleeping.

honestly, i just found out that spring semester is over on the 26th of april...if that is true, i am thee happiest girl. for reals this time.

honestly, i was bombarded with a lot of hurtful things last weekend. and it still hurts. but tomorrow is going to be beautiful anyways. and the day after that. and the day after that.

honestly, saying i like you is going to become my most favorite saying.

honestly, my favorite part about christmas is not only the anticipation, but watching the expressions of loved ones when they open gifts that i give them.

honestly, mother nature better hold off on the rain storms tomorrow...i've missed my san francisco and prefer it to be beautiful tomorrow.

honestly, i am so excited for my facetime date tomorrow...we're going to play board games. :)

honestly, two thousand and thirteen is going to be my year. you just watch!

honestly, i'm digging the whole sweater/collar, peter pan necklace look. really.

honestly, i miss my hob girls. i do, i do.

honestly, i'm about to go crawl in bed with my mom and dad. because after a long semester away from home as an "adult", feeling like a little kid is the best feeling. ever.

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