Monday, December 10, 2012

i think...

that i think way too much.

that finals should be illegal.

that sleep should come easy.

that my math problems should solve themselves.

that gossip girl and pinterest combined is deadly to study time.

that the moment i get to sit in barnes and read and write will be a glorious one.

that every puddle on my way to class should be splashed in.

that cupcakes should be eaten like carrots.

that i should read jane eyre again because i've just been in a mood for a rochester...
...or maybe i just need some jane austin because i'm really in the mood for a mr. darcy.

that i might sleep for an eternity, come saturday.

that mumford & sons is excellent background music during a study session.

that if i don't get out of bed right now, i will have to be "fashionably late" to my study group.

that ice cream is just fantastic right out of the carton.

that one bowl of cereal is never enough.

that the laundry strewn about my bed needs to be put away...and properly.

that i really miss making lists like this. like, a lot.

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