Saturday, December 1, 2012

my mom says

that i haven't blogged enough lately.
truth is, i know i haven't.
life has been crazy busy, and so unfortunately the blog has taken the back seat these past
couple of weeks. fortunately, i will be back home soon and i'm hoping that many adventures
await me.

oregon is beautiful today...and i say this because 
blue skies have taken up more space than they usually do.
i just want to lay out in the sun because i think today is so pretty.

anyhoo, i'm going to the mall today {ha-lle-lu-jah!} and when i come
back i will have three papers and homework and a project waiting on me.
just typical college, no big deal!

oh, so you know how ellen is one of my favorite shows to watch?
well, it is.
i can't wait to have television back in a couple of weeks.
i thought i'd share a clip from one of my most favorite episodes.
i just love little sophia grace and rosie! they are adorable 


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