Friday, January 25, 2013

and heaven meets earth

so there's this song that i love.
i've known it for a couple of years now, if that.
anyways, i love to listen to it at random.
it always reminds me of a time in my life when i wanted to walk away from god.
and every time i listen to it, it reminds me why i didn't.

in the beginning of the song, faint in the background is the voice of a crowd.
it always causes me to envision myself standing in a crowd of people,
so many people, and yet god is looking for me. 
from the distance he's peering his head over the crowd
and his eyes are looking for me.
he fought hard for me. really hard. like he'd do for you.
and i literally think back to that moment almost everyday.
if the moment would have gone any differently, or if i would have been different,
i would have potentially missed out.
but the moment was perfect. god's timing is impeccable.

i guess that's when you know that everything is going to fall into place, right?
i don't know why i just wrote this.
i have currently watched about eight episodes of gossip girl,
painted three pictures,
had two servings of ice cream,
and i'm procrastinating homework.
i am so human. and such a teenager.

but then this song comes on and it reminds me that somewhere, in a crowd of millions and billions of others, someone is looking for me.
and just because i'm here in little ol' oregon,
i'm in eye shot of the one guy that matters.

i suppose that's pretty cool.
and i thought i'd share the song.
even if it's been up here before.
it's really beautiful.

the video is king of cheesy {i couldn't find any that were better}
but the video itself isn't the point.

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