Thursday, January 24, 2013

some honesty, over here.

honestly, i don't know how much longer i can take your gloomy weather, oregon.
i need some sun and some promises of brighter days {literally, bring on the shine!}.

honestly, i'm in a place of reevaluating everything.

honestly, being a grown up comes with too many decisions. ahhhh.

honestly, i'm looking at a new career path. not a new major, but something i suddenly feel very passionate about.

honestly, i'm kind of excited about this... :)

honestly, walking through the cafeteria is one of my biggest fears. ever. so much for being a grown up, huh?

honestly, oregon has brought me some of the most beautiful relationships, but lately i think god's been trying to get me alone, and this loneliness is so not my thing.

honestly, i watched a chanel fashion show yesterday and just about had a freak out over all of karl's recent designs. bible college, who? {just kidding;) }

honestly, i could live in white button up tops. they're my new fave.

honestly, i wish i could sleep for the next 99 days. because, if i counted correctly, that's how many days i have until i move back to that beautiful california sun.

p.s. remember that christian discipling class i told you about? well we each have to share something that indirectly portrays christ. so one of the girls in my class presented this video. i love adoption. my two nieces and one of my nephews are adopted, and i truly can't remember a time when they weren't in the family yet. it's as though they were always here, and always meant to be. i loved this video, as well as the song that plays along towards the middle, so much, and i hope that you do too.

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