Tuesday, January 1, 2013

the first.

this first day of the year is always bitter-sweet for me.
bitter, because the holidays are official over *tear*
and sweet because everything is new once more.

i'm looking forward to this year and all that it will bring...cliche, i know!
i got the idea from an individual on instagram to write myself a letter
all about last year and all about what i want from this year.
once written, i'll seal it for one year and then read it and see the changes.

i wish all of you a blessed twenty-thirteen.
it sounds like such a weird year to say, but here it is nonetheless.
i know that it has so much in store for me.

so as i sit here on my couch, i realize that i only have less than two weeks
left at home. my brother is packing up the christmas things from around the house,
and i really wish i could go back two weeks to when i had first arrived home.
but then i remember that life is always moving forward, no matter what,
and that moving forward was among one of my favorite things in twenty-twelve.

here's to graduating high school, beginning college, moving out of state, meeting
new friends, learning to ask for help, a bettered relationship with god, and facing my fears in
and, for twenty-thirteen, here's to health, travel, a continuation of good grades {who would have
thought?!}, more friendships, memories, and to the happiness of all of those i love dearly.


p.s. i'm not really one for new years resolutions, but here's some i'll keep in mind:

::allowing myself the ability to speak up, and to be honest with how i feel. no matter what.

::exercise. exercise. exercise.

::read more. i read so much my senior year and college has kept me from reading,
uhm, "fun" things ;)

::get more creative with the blog. REALLY this time.

::bake more when i'm home. i dabbled in a bit of baking this break and loved it.

::be more spontaneous. i think it's healthy.

::put more faith in god.

::make more of an effort in each of my relationships.

::accept each day with a patient heart and a calm attitude.

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