Friday, January 25, 2013


just for a while, but even a few moments count for something!
as cold as it was, i turned up the music super loud and rolled down the windows.
i can't wait for summer drives like that back at home.

absolute freedom at it's finest.

oh, and i spent some time at my "happiest place in the world" - target!
i bought children's paint, a shirt, make up, and fruit loops.
this weekend is going to be super awesome now!
ahhhhh, i'm hoping for it.

xoxo & happy friday 

p.s. last night i went to an art gallery here on campus.
before going to the actual gallery, i listend to the artist talk.
he's a southern californian and true to his roots.
the way he talked about california made me beyond nostalgic.
anyhoo, his work shown last night was incredible. seriously.
you can see it here.
the oceans series was his collection.
i can't wait for more galleries!

i miss you, cali.

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