Thursday, February 28, 2013

25 added to my 200

26. scarves. any and all kinds. they're my must have.
27. receiving a passing grade. c's get degrees, over here!
28. my three friends from high school. they're awesome, even though we've all been through a lot, we love one another unconditionally.
29. quoting movies at random times. i think mean girl quotes are the favorite with my college friends.
30. singing. i sing in the shower, when i get dressed, in the doesn't matter a whole lot where i am.
31. my diego pillow. my friends all have a love for him in one way or another and sometimes i feel like he's a real cat. diego's got a ton of attitude.
32. writing stories. i'm working on a very special project right now. it's a book, and i've been writing for nearly one month now; though the planning has been going on for a while. i'm finally at a place where my characters feel established, and as i write and become more acquainted with them, i find myself falling in love with each of them.
33. this little film. i watch it whenever i need a bit of sunshine in my day.
34. taza's blog! it's one of my sources of inspiration!
36. the number 19. it's been my favorite since i was eight {really} and this year i'm turning nineteen which is super!
37. words. words are one of the best things that god blessed us with.
38. broadway shows.
39. the *ding* the type writers make when it's time to begin a new line.
40. thrifting
41. the baptist church that i got to worship in this past sunday night. it was the most beautiful church i have ever visited.
42. plane rides.
43. twizzlers. the cherry kind. i know, i know, most people i talk to think that all twizzlers are gross. but don't hate.
44. wood floors. they're my fave.
45. painting. it's almost as good to me as writing is. and i, by no means, am an artist.
46. magazine cutouts. such therapy for me.
47. spontaneously speaking french. i best go to france soon before four years of french lessons goes to waste.
48. museums.
49. this is my most favorite office episode, ever. i laugh every time i watch it.
50. in-n-out.

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