Wednesday, February 27, 2013

a list of TWO-HUNDRED things that make me just the happiest.

the first twenty-five:

1. worship music {10,000 reasons, how he loves, and our god to be specific...}
2. discovering new blogs
3. filled journals
4. old bibles
5. anything carrie bradshaw
6. peanut butter with oreos
7. french fries
8. fresh air
9. the color yellow
10. nicely made beds
11. un-made beds on lazy, sunday afternoons
12. any kind of love
13. giving
14. fresh fruit
15. cooking breakfast for family or friends
16. walks through my home town
17. maps
18. tea in a tea kettle
19. amelie
20. mexican foooood
21. flowers on tables
22. springing forward and falling backwards {seasons}
23. crackling fire places
24. planning trips
25. books filled with poetry

the end.
for now.

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