Thursday, February 7, 2013

butterfly kisses.

my friend ally posted this to facebook,
and when i walked into my room my roommate was crying
so i decided to see what the tears were about.
this video is so touching.
i hate the circumstances of the video, but i love the sweetness and love that are within it.
just makes you want to give the bride a hug.
and this song is just beautiful.
this reminds me of my dad, and how special he is to me.
to think of not having him to dance with on my big day,
or even thinking about not being able to call him on my way to class 
is beyond me.
i love you, daddy, so very much.

here is the bride and her father's story, found here.

"Ok consider yourself warned. This video is so touching that you're going to shed some tears. Grab some tissues NOW!
Here's the background story: The father of the bride passed away just before the wedding from pancreatic cancer. So the bride's brother recorded one of their father's favorite songs, Butterfly Kisses. It's played while she has her "Father-Daughter" Dance with her grandfather, brothers and father-in-law.

Here's your last chance to grab some Kleenex..."

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