Monday, February 18, 2013

from a home, to a home.

i haven't taken off from the san francisco airport since my trip to new york back in 2008.
i like this airport so much more than the airport in san jose.
anyways, i spent the weekend at home and it felt so wonderful
to be back, even if it was for a couple of days.
i spent my time mostly with family,
there was a little bit of shopping,
a little bit of catching up,
a whole lot of eating,
and hardly any sleeping.
it was great.

but every time i come back there is a twinge in my stomach that reminds me
that time at home is always temporary.
and there's constant reminders that home is no longer the same.
nonetheless, the people i love most
live there and that makes all of the difference.

i didn't cry like the baby i am this time.
i'm actually proud of myself.
i suppose there is a quiet sigh of relief coming from this girl today.
i don't love oregon, but i love the people there.

and besides, there's only two months left in my freshmen semester.
time has definitely proven its speed to me this weekend.
i guess i'm okay with it.

anyhoo, i had breakfast at copenhagen's this morning with mom and dad,
and currently i am over looking the beautiful mountains that surround san francisco.
this city has my heart, i tell you.
don't worry, san francisco, i'll be back for you 



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