Thursday, February 14, 2013

i love...

kind words.

random acts of kindness.


art galleries.

the color gold.

receiving mail.

silly valentine's day notes.

my hobson three girls.

the night before i go home.

calling mom and dad.

today has been a good day.
a simple day, at that.
i won't remember what i did today,
it will fall into the past with all the other seventeen valentines day's of my life.
but today was my first at college.
there was no one special to give me a kiss and a bouquet of flowers,
there was no wearing of the colors pink or red.
there will be no sappy love story movie played at the end of the day,
and there will be no one to cuddle up with on a couch.
but i love today just because it was today and because it didn't rain.
i love today because i get to eat burritos for dinner with a special friend.
i love today because it comes before tomorrow, and tomorrow is going to be wonderful,
and i love today because i feel light and easy.

february fourteenth two thousand and thirteen, you weren't too shabby, let me tell you.


and as i concluded this, my roommate walked in with a box of cupcakes and told
me to pick one.
see, it's a great day!

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