Tuesday, February 5, 2013

i'm pretty sure the sun is working overtime to outshine those oregon clouds!

it's succeeding...then failing...but at the moment, it's succeeding 
{and beautifully bright}

i like when...

...people smile. even when they don't know you.
it's even better when they give a hello!

...i open a new book and have no idea what to expect.

...i know i have homework and studying to fill my afternoons {weird, i know}.

...ally makes me coffee in the morning. it's yummy and it wakes me up
{should i be worried about how much i'm beginning to enjoy/need coffee in the morning?!}

...cards in the mail. especially the postage stamps. or when there's lots of words written. or when the envelope is decorated.
it's all very wonderful, getting mail.

...my friends come and sit on my bed and talk. i was nervous about living with so many girls,
but it's turned out to be one of the best experiences i've had.

...i wake up not remembering when i fell asleep {there hasn't been much sleep for me lately, sad!}

...i can make a countdown for california {currently: 9 days!!!}

...i wear knee high socks. they make me feel like anything is possible.

...friday comes along and it's just me and my netflix.

...blue sky can be seen. it's become one of the most magical things about life for me.

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