Friday, February 1, 2013

in vogue.

i love the homes section under vogue's culture category {both online & in the magazine}
i love to look through the photos of these extraordinary homes and fantasize about
what i want my home to look like someday.
perhaps it's just a girl thing to look at houses or weddings or children 
and dream about all of them.
sometimes i just want to get to that point in my life so that i can see what the
grand picture looks like.
but i know that in order to get the grand picture,
you have to do lots of painting.
so that's what i'm doing now,
while still scrolling through whimsical snapshots of some stranger's life,
and hoping that one day i get to be lucky, as well.

i can't hardly stand just how much i love these books shelves!

and look at the ceilings. 

i'm a sucker for all white walls with lots of art and color statements.

and wallpaper. wallpaper is a favorite of mine, also.

my favorite was the alice in wonderland reference. so pretty, and such a quirky photo.

happy weekend.

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