Tuesday, February 26, 2013

lots of love for little dates!

a friend of mine went on a date with another friend of mine today...
and i am so happy to say that it was all because of me;)
i've never set anyone up before, nor have i ever seriously suggested one person to another.
i suppose i don't like feeling so reliable over their emotions or something.
anyways! i'm crossing my fingers that the date is at least anything but awkward.
technically, it isn't a "date" but at the same time...two people together, getting to know each other....
...there are endless possibilities... :)
and i am a huge lover of love!

against her will, ally and i spied as they walked off. 
you should have seen us two girls.
we were spying from the dorm stairs and looking out the windows as
we ran up the three flights of stairs to see our cute friend off.

it made me miss some of my first dates and the anticipation that came with them:
brushing your teeth...
thinking about the perfect outfit...
not too casual
not too dressy
not looking like i am trying sooooo hard
wearing the right perfume...
perfecting your hair...

...i mean am i the only one who stressed myself out about this?!
fortunately for me, most of my first dates took place in a book store
{best place in the world, let me tell you}.
they really are the best places to fall in love.
i mentioned that before, here.

anyways, i remember the night of my first date like it was yesterday.
my date was supposed to pick me up around six for dinner which was at this yummy little italian restaurant that was in the next town over.
since i had to be ready by six, it was obvious that julia should come over at one o'clock to help me get ready ;)

he was working down the street all summer so he drove by around four or five that evening just as my younger brother decided to spray us two girls with a hose and then lock us out of the house.
my date sped by and quickly turned around to say hello.
he told me he'd be back soon and the butterflies became more than i could contain!
i eventually got back inside my house and rushed around to get ready.
i wore all grey, with a flower print scarf.
perfect for me.
he wore all grey too, and we matched without planning:)

i remember when he pulled up to my home and came in to say hello to my parents.
i was so nervous,
and so was he. my dad required that he call to ask permission to take me out and dad said i had to be back by ten o'clock on the dot!
dad reminded him of the curfew and we were off.
he opened my door for me and everything!
we sat outside for dinner, and talked about our dreams and hopes as the downtown traffic slowly went by. 
he wanted to go to new zealand and i wanted to go to romania.
he dreamt of becoming a fireman
and i wanted to help people.
we both wanted to go to paris,
and we agreed to learn a language together.
he drew,
i wrote,
and we both loved to read.
when it came time to order i was still so nervous that he ordered for me.
we would catch each other's eyes at times and just smile and stare.
he would get so red, and ask what i was thinking.
as young and as timid as i was, i held all of the power and intimidation over the poor guy.
but i sat there, legs crossed, palms sweaty, with an effort to keep my poise.

after dinner, we walked to a little coffee shop and sat on a bench to watch the cars go by.
he was becoming even more nervous. he never thought that dinner would end so early and we had too much time to kill.
he asked what i thought and i told him that i just wanted to go somewhere and get lost and talk and find our way back.
so we did. we got lost. and we drove and drove. and i held a boy's hand for the first time.
it was sweet and innocent, and it was all so very new and beautiful to me.
he got me home at exactly 10:01. we laughed about that one-minute-late thing for a while after.
i only gave him one quick kiss because i strongly believe in going against stereotypes. 
he was gentleman enough to respect my wishes, and he said a very kind goodnight and waited until i got into my house safely.

i think i had the best first date ever.
 the thing about the first date of your life is that it doesn't matter how the relationship ends, 
because if a relationship follows, then the first date was special and perfect in its own way.
i remember that night in june like it's the back of my hand because that boy went on to be my great first love. 
and it will be a story i will tell to my kids someday even when i'm telling them that they're not allowed to date until they're thirty years old.
because i will not let my children date until they are thirty years old!

anyhoo, that was my first date.
i hope all of you hold yours as dear to your heart as i do mine.
it's one of few memories that i have stored up so tightly that i don't even have to refer to it many times to know exactly how it goes.


some lovely, little dates from pinterest.

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