Wednesday, February 20, 2013

sometimes i think that...

...homework will N E V E R  E N D.

...candy and cookies shouldn't cause cavities, stomachaches, or weight gain.

...a movie a night is necessary.

...the bachelor is just silly. {i love ashlee!}

...oregon is the best thing that has happened to my life, thus far.

...i am caught between then and now; so much so that i get a little confused. oops!

...facebook should just go deactivate itself.

...bon iver came together J U S T  F O R  M E. because, at once i knew i was not magnificent.

...radiohead songs in my head all day just isn't healthy.

...legs should just go shave themselves. it's not like i wear shorts or anything! ;)

...john hughes should just write the rest of my young adult life. seriously, guys.

...nude flats and colored scarves make me look like i'm in paris. but they really don't.

...if i just close my eyes and pretend, then it will come true.

...the bible is the weirdest thing i've ever read. then i remember it pertains entirely to my life. and life is kind of weird. so it all works, right?

...that if i invest too much into a class, then the professor will think i'm weird. weird like the bible weird.

...i might never get married. but then i remember that it's a silly thought to worry about.

...i'm on the verge of something wonderful. and i just might be. it's like i'm climbing this mountain and i can't wait to reach the top.

...i can't hardly wait. i really, truly can't.

lots of love!

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