Sunday, February 24, 2013

the good not-so-old days.

last night i spent time with a few guys on my brother floor. we really didn't do much. but simply sitting around, just talking, laughing, and even playing some video games with them was enough to make yesterday a good day. i miss the days of high school when i had all of my guy friends accessible. i've always been accustomed to just having lots and lots of guy friends.
anyhoo, their names are corbin, sam and matt, and they totally remind me of lucas, charles and justin! which is awesome.
{the last three are my friends from home}.
it's so weird here at college because it's so much more conservative than my high school environment ever was. so many of the girls i talk to still get so nervous around guys that they don't even have feelings for, and the guys are often just as shy.
i think it's sweet in a way,
but then i laugh and think, "what's the big deal?!"
there's a saying here, "ring by spring," and there are indeed those who live up to this 
expectation. my friends from high school, who attend public schools, date whomever and don't expect a marriage out of it. when i told them about ring by spring they couldn't believe it. and trust me, it's not because they were making fun or anything like that {both of my sisters were married at very early ages}, but it's just interesting to see the contrast in dynamics of schools. 
one of my guy friends here even said that people were asking him if he and i were dating simply because we've eaten breakfast together before classes or do homework with one another in the lobby.
this, to me, is just plain silly.
like i said, i laugh and sometimes think it's sweet,
but then i think, "wait, really?! just being seen with someone one too many times makes some people assume we're dating?!"
so having guy friends here often comes with the risk of assumption that you're dating,
and therefore if you're dating you'll probably be married within a year or two!
right? maybe.
i even learned a new acronym last night: D T R.
define the relationship.
it took several explanations for me to understand,
but then i understood and again thought, "why does everything have to have a definition?!"
i suppose i find it mostly humorous that i come from an environment where no one cared to
really even think much about you {i don't mean that as harshly as it sounds!}, to one where you could possibly be associating yourself with your future husband.
sarcasm, of course. well, sorta... ;)
nonetheless, the guys i have met here have been kind and the ones i choose to spend my time with are complete gentlemen.
and it's wonderful having a few that let me just hang out, especially when they remind me a bit of those i love so dearly back at home.

happy sunday :)

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