Wednesday, February 13, 2013


i came across this lovely little blog over on tumblr.
this image was posted and i fell in love with it
{typical, right??}

always remember to love love love.

i had a major epiphany yesterday.
i overheard an older man...not an old man, just a man around my dad's age...say something about
i suddenly remembered, i want to go to paris!
because i do, and i always have.
anyhoo, i then thought, well why can't i go? what's stopping me?
only myself.
i was the issue.
so i rushed back to my room and wrote all about it,
and then called dad to tell him my ideas.
the conversation was too personal to write on here,
but i came to the conclusion that i really need to focus on my bucket list more.
{i feel like since that moment i have been breathing more and more easily. there's a peace with resting in whatever god's will may be. i think i might be getting this whole, be eighteen thing}
i've had it for nearly three years now and only a few things here and there
have been crossed off since i moved here to oregon.
i decided to make some personal promises and goals for myself,
though the over all point is to do all of the things i want to do
before i commit myself to a serious relationship.
so i took some things off of my bucket list that are relative to the time
in my life i will be in while at college..even after.
and i want to commit myself to this list.
i don't think that i have to live by it,
or that, should i fall in love, i will fail my goal.
instead, it's a reminder to myself of all the things i feel passionate about
or curious with.

here's my list 
{all originating from my whole bucket list}

climb a mountain
live {for a semester} in new york, new zealand, australia, or france
sky dive
pay for a stranger's dinner
find employment
hold a snake
go on a blind date
participate in a pie eating contest
road trip
vacation with my family
attend coachella
use a map
ride a bike across the golden gate bridge
visit the louvre
read all the works of cs lewis
learn to no longer judge a book by its cover
say yes more
write about the people i meet 
inspire someone
go to a yankees v. red sox game
study some theology
go to boston and/or dc with dad
by something from an auction
buy my own car
learn to fill that car with gas!
slow dance with a boy
graduate from college
scuba dive
learn to snowboard and/or surf
take art lessons/ take french lessons {again}

here's the list.
it's a lot.
but they're pretty beautiful and exciting things.
and life is pretty beautiful and exciting. 


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