Saturday, February 9, 2013

what do you do when bible homework is getting you down?!?! take pictures with your fruit roll-up, of course!!!

boredom strikes!
what is girl to do???!!!

 girl has too much homework. 
girl might go crazy...

but wait!
girl remembers hidden fruit roll-ups!

girl is happy.

and eats it all up. 

should girl have another?!
girl is sad to have finished her snack.
but there's more! 
girl knows mom would say, "too much candy."

 that's okay, girl has stuff cat "diego" to keep her company!

my typical saturday is pretty self explanatory.
hooray for the inventor of fruit roll-ups.
you saved me from completely losing it! :)
two and a half hours and i haven't even finished two essay questions on my take home
quiz! golly, me oh my.
i love the bible, but this in depth stuff is kicking my butt!
who would have known that the gospels all had something entirely different to say,
despite the fact that they all tell of the life and times of jesus!
who knew?!?! 
not this girl.

i hope you all enjoy your saturday,
and if you can,
grab yourself a fruit roll-up!

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