Sunday, March 10, 2013

a little TLC.

i changed the header of my blog,
and since i recently changed my url,
i decided to also change my blogger name.
i'd been contemplating changing it and making it simpler
for some time now, and then while sitting here at my desk this
afternoon i decided to just use my first initial and change the title.
although i believe in my bucket list, my blog is more about my personal thoughts
rather than the things i am accomplishing off of my list. i have a few new topics that i
think will be fun to continue writing about, and so this new title is fitting. i love love love
blogging. expect me and my little blog to stick around this corner of the web for quite some more
time. i happen to be comfortable, and am so grateful for all of you who read along. every time my reader number goes up i feel so blessed that people actually take the time to peek over here. i love all
of you and wish you a happy sunday. the sun is gone over here in oregon but i'm going to use the cold to my advantage and snuggle up in a corner of a coffee shop with a tea or latte and write my heart out!


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