Friday, March 22, 2013

coming home.

well, it's A L R E A D Y the homestretch of freshmen year.
can you believe that?!
i certainly can't.
this is probably the last time i will fly out of pdx for a long, long time.
and, i'm feeling a bit sad about that.
oregon has definitely treated me well.
and, growing up, i had this idea in mind that college
meant going far enough away to need an airplane to come home.
believe me, those moments of anticipation of seeing my family
A N D getting to ride on an's all fantastic.
{i love flying. i really, really do.}
so, driving away from fox today...i'll just admit it...
i was sad.
really sad, actually.
however, i have a feeling that my occupation in life
will require lots of flying time.
and besides, the next time i take a trip i will be on my way to

romania, you will be the trip of all trips for this girl.
life is good. especially today.
in-n-out awaits me,
the triplets,
my family,
whale watching,
the moma,
san francisco,
sleeping in,
walks & jogs,
sunday morning church,
easter {which is just an all around great day anyways}
irvine & a possible new school.

this girl is content.
and i'm pretty sure i passed
that new testament literature midterm.
and i have enough writing to do to last me this
flight. all i need is pen, paper, the feeling of going home,
and some good music.

the end.

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