Sunday, March 31, 2013

for the girls that kindly read what i have to say.

this is for you, because my last post was super personal and not all that happy.

dear girls,

you are so beautiful, and intelligent, and graceful.
you are the things you dream of becoming.
everything you find yourself passionate about is in you for a purpose.

life is complicated and wonderful
all at one time, sometimes in spurts, and always at random.
days are often long,
sometimes even short.
anything goes, and this policy of life can at times leave you feeling the brunt of things.

people will tell you no,
they'll even say you can't.
and some will even dare to speak of impossibilities .

friendships will end.
loved ones will die.
grief will become as consuming as love.
you'll have trouble forgiving and forgetting.
you'll struggle with apologizing and remembering.

life will change within seconds, or it will remain seemingly stagnant for long durations of time.
you'll feel let down,
you'll set unnecessary expectations.
people will set expectations over you, too, and shame on them.

failure is inevitable, and there will always be a loser.
sometimes you'll lose. maybe you'll lose most times.
but you have just as much chance of a win as everyone else.
you'll argue, and you'll cry, and you'll find your defiance.

some will enter your life and make you feel small.
don't allow low measurements to make you feel worthless,
and at the same time, don't allow larger measurements to fill you with arrogance.

money goes just like that.
and material objects grow old.
people change.
you'll change.

but at the end of the day, in some crazy way, you're still you.
keep going.
try, always.
speak kindly,
and maintain your poise.
dress your best, even if you think your best doesn't compare.
because it does.
love everyone,
and don't be afraid to give your heart away.
it's a beautiful thing, even if it hurts.
fall in love, and be passionate.
find compassion for others,
and an understanding that surpasses.
don't be afraid of speaking your thoughts,
and don't be afraid when you just don't know anymore.
be passionate,
and sing,
and dance,
and tell yourself how wonderful you are.
look around you,
take it all in,
the good,
the bad.
look to others to keep from solely looking at yourself.

you are beautiful, and intelligent, and graceful.
and life is beautiful.
so beautiful!
i've learned that it's always the saddest of matters that bring the flowers.
if you look and try hard enough, you'll find yourself in a garden,
enveloped in its beauty and reward.


oh, and here's a happier song for you all.

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