Monday, March 4, 2013

hey, it's OK!

Things I keep telling myself it's OK to do:

That procrastinating allllll of my homework is normal. I mean, it's not like it's a big deal or anything...right?

That eating Oreos throughout my day isn't really that bad. I mean, who cares that my skinnies were in the dryer too long and that's why they happened to be so darn tight this morning?

That when I sit in class next to this really cute guy, I try to come up with clever things to say so that if I ever get the perfect opportunity to say something I'm prepared. I mean, he could talk to me someday, right?

That eating a muffin for breakfast every other day is better than eating one every single day. I mean, they're mini muffins for goodness sakes!

That Sex & The City is better to watch than doing my Bible reading for class. I mean, Carrie Bradshaw's fictional column's advice has to count for something, right?

That day dreaming about a career in fashion as a writer is a good "dream" to waste. I mean, I love my current major anyways.

That my giving up Facebook and Instagram every Sunday is beneficial. So I slipped yesterday, I'll try
again next week.

That by drinking Sierra Mist, I'm not breaking my no-soda-ever-rule. I mean, it's caffeine free and it looks like water!


And currently, this plays in the background.
This has stolen my heart.
I like this video.
This belongs in my closet.
And I wish I could spend a whole day in life life of her.


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