Saturday, March 9, 2013

i love homemade gifts.

i've been working on writing a book for some time now and i sent some of it to my very best friend. as a gift, she wrote me a little something. this is so sweet and it made me smile. she loves telling our "how we met" story, so i figured i'd post it on here.
besides, it's my blog and i can blog if i want to ;)

 WARNING: I am kind of embarrassed for you to read this. There is a ton of mistakes and I didn’t even proof read really. And I didn’t really write it very well. I just winged it!
      You know how sometimes when someone does something that you don’t normally do, and they do it so beautifully that it makes you want to try to do it? Well my best friend is a writer. She doesn’t just write little poems and stories…. She is a beautiful, eloquent writer. It is a passion of hers. Writing was actually one of the only things in school I was decent at and kind of liked; but I don’t really do very much of it for fun… And even when I do, it is nothing compared to hers. But lately she has inspired me. So I wanted to write something for her because she has shared with me so many beautiful things that she has written. So I thought the perfect thing to write for her would be the story of our friendship. Just to warn you, I am not a wonderful writer; I will probably make a lot of mistakes but this is just for fun and just for her.
     I can’t exactly remember when I met Madison, but I have known her longer than she has known me. The reason I knew her was because I knew the Pastor and the Pastor’s wife of the church she went to. I then moved to the same street of those pastors. My mom was friends with the wife before we even moved here though and Madison’s family was very close to the Pastor’s family. Even though my family attended another church here, we went to the church Madison attended a few times. One of the times we visited was to see a Christmas musical, and Madison was in it and I watched her the whole time because I thought she was pretty.
     A few years after that Christmas musical, Madison and I were in the same group at vacation bible school. We didn’t really talk but I remember she wore khaki capris pants, had very curly hair that was slicked into a ponytail, and was very shy. Then a few years after that, Madison’s pastor’s son got married in Colorado, so a couple weeks after the wedding they had a reception at their church and my family was invited. My mom bought me a black velvet outfit to wear. It was a little short sleeved black velvet jacket and a black velvet skirt. I felt fancy wearing it and was so excited I got to go to this reception since I was only in the 6th or 7th grade! All of a sudden I saw Madison standing with her mom. She was wearing a jean skirt and had her hair straight and in a little pouf. She looked so cute and like a teenager; suddenly my fancy outfit I was so excited about now felt like a Christmas outfit for a little kid. I knew in that moment she was the kind of person I wanted to friends with because she was very fashionable.
     Soon after that night her mom became my Spanish teacher at the homeschooling co-op I went to and our moms got to know each other. Madison didn’t go there but her little brother did. Well after I was homeschooled for 3 years I got sick of it and begged to go to public junior high for 8th grade. My parents granted my wish but as the first day got closer and closer, I got a pit in my stomach because I didn’t know anyone and I knew it was going to be scary and hard to make friends. So I started school and it was awful. The first day of school I ate alone under a tree. I cried. It was one of the hardest days of my life. Probably a week after I had started school my mom told me that Madison Cline would be transferring to my Junior High! I was so excited because she was coming from a private Christian school so I knew we’d be able to relate. 
     So two weeks into school Madison arrived and I was thrilled. Finally, after seeing this girl around for years I finally got to get to know her! We had a lot in common even though we were polar opposites. We both loved fashion and had art class together, we both had been home schooled, and we both had liked the same boy before we went to school together and even knew each other. But as I said, even though we had several things in common we were also very different. I was loud and had a lot of energy and she was shy and quiet. I was na├»ve and innocent and she was mature, smart, and experienced. She hung out with me at lunch and in art class but I got on her nerves. I don’t think she liked me very much but we both needed a friend. Time went on and she was better at making friends than I was; but we remained friends nonetheless. We were partners for the science fair and went to her house to work on it after school one day; it was the first time I went to her house! I was beyond excited to get to go! I hadn’t been invited to too many girls’ houses before… I can’t remember what we did our project on but I remember we covered our board in colorful polka dots! It was so cute! I also remember going into her room for the first time. It was lime green! And so hip and adorable! She had the color matched from a little leather green journal she had loved. She had white bedding that had pink, green, brown, blue, and purple polka dots all over. Her ceiling was sky blue with clouds all over it! She had nails nailed to the wall inside her closet and all of her necklaces were hanging from them. I thought this was the neatest thing so I took thumbtacks and tacked them all over my wall and put necklaces on them. I got yelled at by my dad, and it wasn’t nearly as cute as Madison’s but I tried. My favorite part of her room by far, was the dress form she had. It was white with white fur around the neck she pinned buttons to it. I was in love with that dress form! I was in love with her room.
     Time went on and as 8th grade ended we drifted away. Freshman year is a blur to me. But I remember we were close in the beginning. But I was a cheerleader and Madison had a thing against cheerleaders. We drifted away again… Then the end of freshman year came… And I said something dumb and mean to Madison. I regretted it so much. She didn’t talk to me the whole summer but I understood. Then sophomore year started and I was not a cheerleader that year. She still wasn’t talking to me. And I still understood. I would have been just as upset with me. But as the year progressed she forgave me and we became friends again!
            Then sophomore year, something happened… something terrible. A girl that we went to school with passed away…we were both devastated…we both wished to have known her better… Right after this girls passing, winter ball took place. Madison let me go with all of her friends in their group and I was so excited, besides the fact that everyone had dates except for me. When I got to Madison’s house to take pictures I was told her date had broken his wrist so we would be dateless together! So she was my date! The dance was okay. The night was coming to a close and there was one last song. It was Never Say Never by the Fray and they dedicated it to our friend. I remember Madison’s face went pale and she looked blank. I went to her and hugged her. That moment was a little peak into what the next 3 years would look like…
   Come the end of February, Madison and I were invited to a bible study held by the mother of the girl that passed away. We both had met her, and my mom was friends with her but since we weren’t really good friends with her daughter we had never been to the house… I remember the first day. I was so excited to get to know this woman. I arrived and Madison was there too. To summarize this period of time, Madison and I attended this bible study every single Thursday and started coming over to the house to hang out more and more. Madison and I started to get close because of bible study and we started hanging out more.
     One day Madison asked me to go on a walk with her and told me she had something to tell me. I was trying to rack my brain of what it could be. Finally we met at the end of my street dog leashes and dogs in hand and she told me… She told me she liked the woman’s son. That day was the beginning. Not too long after that they were dating… and once again Madison and I drifted a little because she now had a boyfriend and all I wanted was for her to be happy and I tried with everything I had to be happy for her but we had just started getting close and now we had to pause for a little while. But I would never give up on her or our friendship… one day the woman and I were in the car together and she told me that I was an incredible friend to Madison and that she was lucky to have me. It humbled me. I felt lucky to have Madison!
    Madison and the boy continued dating and things were going good. Around this time is when Madison and I got close again and this was probably the closet we had been up until this point. We told each other everything! We started going to youth group every Wednesday night and I loved it! It was just me, Madison, and Jesus. Sometimes another girl or two would come also but I was so excited! Besides Wednesdays I didn’t get to see Madison too much other than that so one day Madison said that before her and I went to youth group we could go to coffee together and I was so excited to have just Madison and me time! Well a week or so before this Madison was feeling like she might have to break up with the boy… And it just so happened that they broke up a few hours before Madison and I had our coffee date. She arrived to my house on the in tears. I held her the entire time she was on the phone while we sat in my driveway. That was the beginning of the heartache. She hung up and we still went to coffee and we just talked and talked and I loved getting to listen and be there for her.
    The next however many months it was, were horrible for Madison. But I stood by her side through all of it because I wanted to… and I loved her so much. I stayed in bible study and stayed friends with the family even though Madison didn’t... But she encouraged me to. Well pretty soon I had to walk away too… and it was one of the hardest things that I had to do… and I then knew exactly how Madison felt. We were alone together… We truly became best friends through this. We started our own Thursday night tradition since bible study was no more for us. Barnes and Target then filled up what would have been lonely and sad Thursday nights. For once in my life I felt like I understood someone and they understood me in return. Even though we had to go through so much pain, the friendship that blossomed out of that hardship was beautiful and something I will always treasure. Madison and I got through that time with God and each other…
     Then high school came to a close and Madison was ready to move on… from her past and from our hometown. She moved to Oregon to attend college. I was so sad and scared about her moving… I cried so much and for such a long time. But fast forward to now and Madison only has a couple months left of her freshman year and we are still best friends and still talk almost everyday.
This doesn’t really have an ending but I can’t wait until we both get married and are in each other’s weddings and we can tell this story. And who knows, maybe I’ll add more to this in the future!

love you, jules!

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