Friday, March 15, 2013

i'm trying not to stereotype here...

...but i'm about to stereotype here.

as this entire week has passed and i have grown more observant of two particular guys that were never of any real concern to my liking, i have become more and more fascinated with the concept of who and  what and why, when it comes to men. sure, as a girl, i've always wondered about why they're from mars or venus, or wherever we women claim they come from! anyways, i have found myself observing guys all throughout my week, and the more i do so the more i have to ask: which ones are which?!

i mean this in the sense of...which are the nice guys, which aren't?
who is looking for a relationship...who's not?
and how on heaven's green grass am i supposed to know any of these things???

so in madison's world there exists different species of men:
mr. flirtatious
mr. i'm secretly looking for a wife
mr. i'm too focused to even think about a relationship
mr. i can have any girl i want
mr. standards
mr. nice guy
mr. friend zone

{please no one take offense to any of these, i'm simply an eighteen year old girl with too much imagination}

mr. flirtatious is the guy who seems like the package deal. he's smart, handsome, has a taste of style, and a witty tongue that you just can't help but want to out-clever in words. he's the guy that will pass you by on your way to class and either make you feel like a million-bucks with his perfect smile and a charming word...or he'll play you off by nodding his head, looking you up and down, and then...wait for it...putting his arm around some other girl who is cast under his spell.
mr. flirtatious is the perfect mix of nice guy meets arrogance. his cover is seamless and inviting, while his pages are judgmental and, sadly, a bit cold. from my experience with many, many mr. flirtatious-es, i have learned that the best defense is to lock eye contact, hold your head high, maintain posture, and think the cleverest thought you've ever had as you slowly brush by him and give him a bit of a cold shoulder.
typically, mr. flirtatious will become very warm after that, but only temporarily. he likes to be the one controlling whether or not you get acknowledged, and not vice-versa.

mr. i'm secretly looking for a wife is handsome, goal oriented, and not as rare as we women expect. perhaps he's a bit older, and more career driven. nonetheless, mr. i'm secretly looking for a wife is kind, but particular. he knows what he's looking for, and even if he smiles and acts a bit too friendly, it's simply because he's a genuine guy.

mr. i'm too focused to even think about a relationship is. the worst. mostly because he's usually great. and partly fall for him like crazy. i mean, i feel like a lot of the time us girls have a radar of who's truly interested in us and who's not. so when that radar starts signaling that this guy is very much invested in his studies, music, work, etc, we immediately want to be the one thing that swoops in and changes his perspective. i mean, am i right? mr. i'm too focused makes me wonder what is truly going on in his head? he's handsome, and his style comes in all types. from my experience, he's introverted and mysterious. {that mysterious quality is a killer} he comes across as the entire deal...if only you could get him to notice anything outside of his focus! it's as though he's missing what could possibly be the best thing to ever happen to him: you! fortunately, however, feelings for him have always worn off easily in my case. you one day come to the realization that the right guy has his passions but also cares about his time spent with you. {awww}

mr. i can have any girl i want is basically the twin to mr. flirtatious. they're like the popular boys in high school that knew girls liked them and used it to boost their egos. {i'm biased} but in my opinion these guys were always the athletes. always, always. {sorry, not sorry}. though i have indeed met some athletes that are absolute gentlemen; remember, i am not stereotyping all men! anyhoo, mr. any girl likes the sound of his own voice, and the way he looks in the mirror. what i've learned? he's actually super insecure. i like to be as clever and sarcastic with these guys because i know it's something that they don't appreciate. nevertheless, they tend to make good guy friends, if you ever get to that point; but should be avoided until they reach age twenty-seven. isn't that the age where men are actually supposed to become men?

mr. standards is a cousin to mr. i'm secretly looking for a wife. what i've learned?
don't bother. his standards are too high. they shift around like crazy. and he can be very critical.
he has a certain image of things in his mind, and trust me, anyone who wants you to be anything you're not is just not worth it. i've learned to politely walk away, thank you very much. ;)

mr. friend zone is the wonderful guy that comes into your life and has what you're looking for and everyone is so happy for you and let him go. and, believe me, letting him go is sad and difficult, and it forces you to use those nasty lines like "it's not you, it's me" or "you'll make a great boy friend to someone else one day..." yep, he basically makes you feel like a murderer of love. but! do not fear! he's resilience and kind nature will hopefully allow you two to stay friends. and it's quite possible that when he does move on, because he will move on, it might sting a bit. but ultimately, you're happy for him no matter what because he is that wonderful.

mr. nice guy...the line that baffles males. i've had so many guys say to me, "if girls want nice guys then why do they go after jerks?" well, did you not get the point of just how alluring mr. flirtatious and mr. i can have any girl i want are? we girls are imperfect. irrational. hopeless romantics. we want what we can't have. we mess up. blah blah blah. then there {hopefully!} comes a day in a girls life where she finds herself fed up with bad guys and she knows in her heart that mr. nice guy is who she's been searching for all along. the thing about him is that he can come in any way, in any shape and form, and at any time. she doesn't even know yet. but when she sees him, she will know. mr. nice guy is possibly our best friend. or that cute guy that comes into the coffee shop every morning and orders an americano. he's the guy in chapel that sits alone and smiles at everyone. he's the guy walking by, book in hand and a wild imagination. he's the guy who holds doors open or lets you cut in line before him. he's the guy who you never knew you needed or wanted, and yet he walks into your life one day. storming in, uninvited, but completely welcomed. he's unsure, and young, and passionate. hopefully the boy loves jesus, because if that's so then it's meant to be.

and that's all
i have to say
about that.
the end.

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