Thursday, March 14, 2013

mr. pacific.

mr. pacific looked handsome today.
i've never said a single word to him,
but he has a wonderful smile.

mr. pacific is very tall, and looks
much older than i.

why must every girl accumulate these
wonderful mr. pacific's, only to realize
that time won't make time,
and words will go unspoken,
and eyes will look down?

he'll pass you in the hallway,
and perhaps even look at you and
think a nice thought.
but then that will be all.

dear mr. pacific,
you smiled at me today.
and while you did i concentrated
on what i was doing, held my posture,
articulated my words and tried my best not to fidget.
everything was emphasized, heightened, and i had
butterflies in my stomach.
but you looked my way & you smiled at me,
and it was the darnedest thing.

the end.

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