Wednesday, March 13, 2013


today mr. oregon looks more handsome than usual.
i can't tell if he has a talent in getting himself dressed and does so unknowingly,
or if he's secretly a man who puts lots of thinking into his everyday wear.

there's one particular guy who wears plaids like i've never seen anyone wear plaids.
or vests. or anything for that matter.
he's basically the poster child for urban outfitters, i swear.
i hear he's kind, and lots of fun to be around.

there is a girl whom i always see around, and she is typically wearing animal beanies.
one of these days i am going to swallow my shyness and ask her where it's from because
i have wanted an animal beanie for quite some time now.

there is another girl whom i see every other day, and she has an absolute talent
for wearing red boots. not to mention the rest of her clothes are adorable, but red boots.
she makes me want to try a pair myself, though i'm not sure i'd be able to pull them off.

there is one guy whose laugh always seems to echo above every other noise in the room.
for the past few days i have heard this laugh at various meal times, and sure enough it's always him,
head thrown back and wide grin upon his face.
it's a great laugh, and it makes me laugh, too.

one of the lunch ladies always asks how i am, but not just in an informal, rehearsed way
but in a way that shows me that she actually cares. anyways, i'm completely biased now and only
like to stand in the line where she's working just so that i can have one more kind conversation in my day.

there is one boy who i always seem to pass up no matter where i am coming from or going to.
in fact, our run-ins happen so frequently that i am rather embarrassed when i do see him.
but i always see him about campus with a smile on his face, or a quickness in his walk and i figure
that he's probably very kind and that saying hello one of these days might not be so bad.

i happen to see another man on specific days at specific times and he always smiles at me, says hello, and waves. i think that this is so nice that perhaps i'll stop one day and introduce myself.

there's lots of characters that i interact with throughout my day; so much so that i am very much aware of their presence. though, it's funny for me to think how weird this all is since most of them probably couldn't point me out in a crowd, whatsoever.
nonetheless, it's people like this whose seemingly insignificant roles in my life 
inspire me, and cause me to think outside of the box.
and the fun in being a writer is that i can write all i want about
them, and perhaps they'll make me great someday. but they
will never, ever know just how inspiring they truly are.
that's why i find it fun, when i think of it, to go about my day as if 
someone is writing a story about me.
it really opens up your eyes to those around you,
and makes situations and places seem more intriguing.

the end.


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