Thursday, March 7, 2013

on boys.

dear boys {on why we like you},

this is such an excellent question. and i don't think that words do it justice. we like you because you're you. because you make us feel special and because you make us have butterflies. we like you even when you don't like us back. because you guys are usually, uhm, awesome people! we like you a lot, and all we expect is to be treated kindly in return. it's truly as simple as that...

dear boys {on our crazy antics},

i know that you guys think that we girls are "complicated" or "hormonal" or "dramatic" but we promise, this is only because we're programmed to feel so much at one time! try being in our minds for five minutes. there is one thought after the other just storming through our brains:
"hey, i like that girl's outfit!"
"do i have something in my teeth?"
"that guy is cute, i wish he'd talk to me."
"i miss mom."
"i miss my best friend."
"i should get my nails done."
"i want to go to the beach."
"that exam was difficult."
"darn this rain, my hair is going to frizz."
"i should probably go to the gym today."
"i hope i don't slip and fall in this rain."
"i love my friends."
"i have so much homework!"

see! we have a lot going don't blame us when we're feeling a bit flustered. i mean, those of us that are kind and understanding respect your frustration when your team loses, or when you lose the video game, or when you scored poorly on a test.
we care, we really do :)

dear boys {on why we "travel in packs"},

okay, personally, i'm not a fan of going to the bathroom with a million girls. HOWEVER, i will say that eating my meals with all of my girls is one of my favorite things. they're my friends and i love spending my time with them! sure, i guess there are some girls out there who travel in packs due to a bit of insecurity or timidness...i don't know! but, give us the benefit of the doubt, we love our girls as you love your boys. i know that a pack of us might seem scary...but a pack of you is just as frightening!

dear boys {on why some of us insist on make up},

so...for those of us who wear make up because we feel we have to, let me just say that it's simply because we feel we have to. really. i personally don't like caked on make up, nor do i feel the need to wear make up to impress anyone. i simply have the habit of seeing my face with make up on! and i feel pale without it. yeah, we get it, you think it's gross and you don't understand the amount of time we take to apply it...blah blah blah. but it actually smells pretty good, and it's not as messy as it seems. and it makes us feel pretty. we're sorry if you think the fuss of wearing it is all about you...because, well, it's mostly/probably only about us. 

dear boys {on why we're so open about our period},

first and foremost, you feel the need to bring up your personal topics. so this is our ONE thing that we need to talk about to cope with our once a week...every single month ordeal. heck, i'm just going to address it. we get cramps and have stomach aches. we eat EVERYTHING and don't know why, despite the fact that it happens every single month. we can't sleep and we can't get comfortable. we feel tense and our moods are out of whack. we gain weight and our favorite pairs of pants don't fit. we have to wear our "granny panties" and sometimes ruin our favorite outfits. for one whole week our lives revolve around something we can't control. we find ourselves baffled every time. it's traumatizing. therefore, we talk about it. case closed.

dear boys {on why we wear heels},

uhm...because they make us feel powerful! so, i'm not going to try to convince you that because you're a guy, you're missing out. BUT, i will say that being a girl comes with the gift of wearing things that just make you feel fan-freakin-tastic. i mean, imagine yourself in a nice suit, all dressed up and handsome standing in front of the girl you really like. don't you feel great in that moment?! well, one pair of heels does for us what a whole look does for you. i swear, they're like magic. 

dear boys {on why we scream at a lot of things},

i don't know why i scream. or why we scream. the other day i actually asked some of my friends why we do this, and frankly, we had no answer. so yeah...we scream. we scream on rides, we scream at spiders, we scream when we're startled, or even when we're aware of what's happening. i don't think it's something we will ever control about ourselves. but, i know you love it...because then you get to feel like our heroes... :)

dear boys {on why our daddies are so scary},

think about the girl you like. imagine any other guy walking into her life, sweeping her off of her feet and then breaking her heart. how does that make you feel?
that is how our daddies feel. and you're precisely the guy who sweeps us off of our feet...get the picture?

dear boys {on why we plan our weddings},

it is not done to pressure and/or frighten you. we promise! think about the world series...or the super bowl...think about the anticipation you would feel if your team made it to the finals...this is only a fraction of how we feel about our wedding day. sure, in our minds we'll place you at the alter, looking all handsome and such. but do you realize all of the other things going on around you that matter to us?!? our dress, our venue, the decorations, the table settings, the people, the feeling of it, the wedding party....YOU ARE ONLY THE ONE STANDING AT THE ALTER. that's the only job you have in our minds. you can change as easily as the color of our table cloths. {we love you, we do} so realize, just because we have over one hundred pins on a wedding board on our pinterest does not mean we expect you to pop the question. we like you just the way you are, and are happy if you should choose to stick around. :)

dear boys {on why we like you to say yes every now and then},

we know that shopping isn't your favorite past time. we know that the bachelor isn't your favorite show. we know that our friends might drive you a bit crazy. we know that you don't always trust our driving. we know that you feel awkward buying our tampons. we know that going to our parents' house isn't always comfortable. we know that you're tired, even when we need you to stay up with us on the phone. but, every once in a blue moon we love you to just say simply amuse us and go along with our wishes without the slightest hint of hesitation. we really do. though we promise that all of the other times...when you roll your eyes, or sigh really loud, or even make that "please don't make me" face...we appreciate your yes's just the same. the bottom line is that we ask you to do these things because we love you and we love having you around.

the end.


  1. Oh gosh, I love everything about this so much. You win at life.

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