Saturday, March 9, 2013

sometimes life is just super beautiful.

like it is today.
the company of an infant is beautiful.
the sunshine is beautiful.
the feel of dirty feet, squished into the grass is beautiful and reminds me of summer.
breakfast with a new friend is beautiful.
the chance to share your story, and in turn listen to the story of another is one of the
most beautiful, special things in the world.
at least i think so.
and the music that angus & julia make is always beautiful.
always, always.

i have a paper to be writing right now.
it's on judas iscariot.
he's actually very interesting, you know?
i feel bad for the guy.
and i'm struggling a bit while writing about him.
i see one side of him that was so evil to have turned on an innocent man.
and then i see the human side to him: he screwed up, he betrayed god, he betrayed his friend, he lied...
and...haven't i done one or even each of these things before?
oh, judas, you've given be writer's block.

the end.

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