Wednesday, March 20, 2013

to the boy who ignorantly stole my heart,

you stole my heart and have never known to give it back.

i can't blame you for not knowing that you stole my heart.
i'm one with too many words about life,
but with little courage when it comes to love.
so how could you ever know?

i can't blame you for being so handsome,
and always seeming to look your best.
i can't blame you for your wit, your charm, or for your talent.
i can't blame you for your name, or for your charisma, or for being you.

there are too many things i can't blame you for,
simply because they are not your fault.
i can't blame you if you love someone else,
or for acting like your age.
i can't blame you for your coldness,
or for your questions.

but i can blame myself for letting my heart go
out of my sights, if even for a short while.
i can blame myself for letting my feelings get the better of me.
but then again, how can i blame myself if you're the kind of boy
who colors a world,
takes the lead in dancing,
sings, even if not well,
and makes those around you laugh.

how can i blame myself that you don't feel the same way?
because as great as you are, you're just a boy.
and, yes, i'm just a girl too...but i've written you this
and i suppose that says a lot.
and maybe, i'd like to think, you've written something for me,
somewhere, somehow.
and perhaps you're more scared of the unknown that i am.

but just in case you're wondering,
i'm a big fan of lots of colors.
i can't dance, but i'll follow if you lead.
i'll sing the words you don't know.
and i'll laugh even if you're not funny.
because you're that great,
and you're just a boy.

the end.


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