Tuesday, March 12, 2013


boys like mr....let's call him pacific {i have my reasons, thank you}...are more noticeable.
but, mr. pacific has been in a class with me all semester,
and i never really noticed him until today.
uhm, how is that even possible?

once again being one of those girls is a blessing
because i'm learning more and more about what my "type" is.
the truth?
i don't really have one.

the more time goes on, i realize that having a "type" is silly.
sure, standards and morals should be key when you're looking to give your heart away.
but a type sounds so particular and even petty.
anyhoo, mr. pacific is the polar opposite of mr. oregon.
but they're both handsome.
and they both make me wonder what mr. right will look like someday.

maybe i'm just wishful thinking because as i write this i'm watching the season finale
of the bachelor...so, maybe that plays into this... ;)
currently, lindsey & catherine are meeting sean's parents.
sean's dad has asked each of them: how do you know you're in love that that it will last
even before you get married?
i like sean's dad. so does ally {she's sitting here with me, of course!}

i don't know how to answer sean's dad's question, but perhaps i will someday.
and when i do, i promise i will tell!

but perhaps it starts with random acts of love...seriously, as random as they may be.
a friend of mine on the floor recently started dating a wonderful guy.
all of us girls approve, and the two of them are so smitten.
anyhoo, she came into my room yesterday with a story that just brought
me so much laughter.
mother nature paid her a visit this week and she was having weird cravings.
now, being playful as she usually is, she decided to tell her boy friend that she had
a strong craving for dirt.
as she said this with a serious look upon her face,
her boy friend looked at her with a quizzical expression...dirt?
yes, she replied. dirt.
so he went to his room, retrieved a ziploc bag, and walked outside the dorm to
collect her dirt. then he brought it back into the dorm where she was waiting, placed
it before her, and, well...she ate some.
actually, she was playing her craving so well that she convinced him to eat some too.
he found it gross, but he cares about her enough to support even her most bizarre cravings.
it took her about twenty minutes to confess that she was kidding.
nevertheless, her boyfriend collected dirt for her because of a craving.
dirt, everyone!
i mean, this pretty much just sums up caring for me. it's fantastic.

love is wonderful.
i miss it every single day.
i miss having someone to go and collect my dirt.
i miss someone loving me in spite of my dirt.
i miss the feeling of knowing that i love someone in spite of their dirt.

it isn't something to mope around about whatsoever.
it's just one of those things that passes through your stream of thoughts
as the days blur into one.

i have days where i want to own a kitchen just so i can slow dance with someone in it.
i have days where i want to cook someone a meal, and set the table, and eat with them.
i have days where i need to lay down and spill about my day to someone.
i have days where i want someone to stand on my side.
i have days where i want to walk into a room knowing that he's waiting for me.
i want butterflies and anticipation.
i want laughter and tears.
i want hopes and dreams.
i want dancing in a kitchen and singing in the car.
i want staying up and sleeping in.
i want a bit of norah jones and a bit of ben folds five.
i want secret handshakes and special code words.
i want morning jogs and late night ice cream runs.
i want to write him notes and receive cliche valentine cards in return.
i want to hold his hand in church and have a favorite restaurant together.
i want simple and imperfect.
i want to have "a song" and i want to lay around watching movies.
i want awkwardness and reality.
i want making up and growing up.
i want to wear his baseball cap, and learn all of his secrets.
i want flaws and quirks.
i want story telling and double dating.
but mostly, i want someone to collect dirt for me when i'm craving it.
because that, to me, is just the best of the best.

the end.

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