Wednesday, April 3, 2013

a series of letters

dear sun, 

pleaseeeeee surprise all of us with a miracle and stay out for the next thirty days.
kay, thanks.

dear mr. pacific,

you are so great. 
and handsome.
and funny.
i can't believe i actually got to have a conversation with you. 

dear the man whom i saw in starbucks last wednesday,

i saw you. and i should have said hello.
but i was scared, and nervous, and i couldn't think 
of the right words to say.
and i felt like i was intruding on your morning coffee.
i would have sat down at the table with you and told you
how very sorry i was. and i would have asked you how you were.
but none of that matters, and writing about it here doesn't matter either
because it's not like you'll see this or believe me.

dear ellen degeneres, 

i want to come to see your show live.
so. bad.

dear newberg/fred meyer starbucks,

you suck.

dear burger wednesday,

it's about time you come back around!

dear april,

i like you.

i hope you all have a happy wednesday.
the end.

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