Wednesday, April 17, 2013

a song from a boy.

mr. oregon is sweet and serious all in one.
and when he smiles at you, it's quite possible to feel
like a million bucks.
and you wonder, and wonder, and wonder
about his talents and thoughts.

i walk a thin line between saying too much and nothing at all.
but today, today i was tempted to ask what his thoughts were.
instead, music lyrics and words ran aimlessly through my head.
i was swallowed by shyness.
but he wished me well when we went our separate ways.
and i smiled in return and watched as he walked off.
a mystery of a man, leaving me with jumbled up words and yearning for conversation.
leaving me with a twinge of regret for leaving this little town in oregon.
he belongs here - an eclectic piece of handsomeness and charm.
a brief, if even a suitable amount of time, memory for the books.

so as i made my way back to my dorm, i was plagued with more
lyrics...lyrics that don't quite make sense, but for now they sum everything up.

i feel it in my bones,
i feel it in my bones.
i'm stronger now,
i'm ready for the house,
such a modest mouse.

i will forever love me some vampire weekend.

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