Thursday, April 25, 2013

and this girl is just about ready to go to bed and sleep for a summer.

i don't always know what to say when people come to me needing advice.

i don't think my advice is beneficial anyways.

i no longer know how to put up with petty complaints and nagging and negativity.

i lock my door and typically refuse to open it because i just can't do it today. or yesterday. or maybe any other day this week, as well.

if anyone was able to read my mind these past two days, it would probably sound a lot
like the mind of a sailor or two. not even i was impressed with the words i was concocting.

i'm starting to view my memories as dirty, old clothes. they're stuffed in my drawers,
taking up space and getting filth everywhere. i imagine myself throwing them out and never remembering again.

i woke up with an infection on my face that i've been getting since i was twelve years old.
my school told me that they called the pharmacist...which never ended up happening.
i sat there at walgreens for forty five minutes watching as the pharmacist tried to figure out
who i was and if i even had health insurance.

in that moment i thought to myself: she knows nothing about her eyes i'm just a student who can't prove that she has the right insurance or that she even went to a doctor.

and a part of me liked sitting in that chair: being nobody.

no one was looking for me, no one knew me, and i could sit and breathe and be anybody i wanted to be.

all i want is a slurpee, and some time with my mom.
yeah, these past two days call for some well spent mom & daughter time.

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