Sunday, April 7, 2013

eyes wide open.

today my romania team and i spent the day with one another.
we began the morning at a romanian church service where
we sat through worship and a sermon that were conducted in the romanian language.

i hadn't ever heard the language in person so i didn't quite know
what to expect. i suppose i expected it to sound german or even russian,
but instead it was similar to spanish and so very beautiful.

the people at the church were kind and gracious
and it made me even more excited to meet more romanians
and even moldovans!

after that we all ate lunch at an indian restaurant.
it was fun trying new food with our team.
everyone on my trip is so unique and wonderful.
i'm finding more and more that the dynamic of
our group is special and absolutely on point.

finally, we spent the rest of the afternoon at
a beautiful, touching exhibit.
it had a major impact on me and totally
represents what i want to do with some of my life.

the moldovan portion of the exhibit was probably
my favorite because i will actually be there in about
two months. how insane is that!?

the images of the children reminded me of where this
dream of mine came from in the first place.
it was one single picture of a couple of ethiopian
children in the underground sewers, hiding out from
sex traffickers and huffing glue that impacted me enough
to go out and travel in the first place.

anyways, i love my romania/moldova team and i am
so excited to go to the two countries with them.
i pinched myself through the whole exhibit
i get to go out and help...
i get to do something...
this isn't just a dream anymore, it's reality.

happy sunday.

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