Sunday, April 14, 2013

hi, sunday.

i've been sitting here for almost two hours now working away
on my psychology substitute final, i suppose you could call it.
anyways, it's very long and somewhat boring.
i'd rather be reading or watching a movie or writing at a coffee shop.
but hey, there's only T E N days of school work left so it doesn't make
much sense to complain now.

it's funny, i am currently writing a portion of this project on ring by spring.
the ring by spring part is simply my opening thought - the overall portion is
based off of the concept of proximity...blah blah blah.
basically my text book states that the more you are around people,
i mean, even the closer you are physically (like, let's say sitting alphabetically
in a classroom), the more likely you are to be close friends with those individuals.
it says that this comes into play with friendships and marriage.

okay, i literally feel like this rambling of my psych project is officially
making this the most boring blog post ever. but i'm fourteen pages in and
only half way there! yippee!
not to mention i just finished up a three {not too bad} page paper on
the muratorian canon.
i have five {very extensive} articles to read and then write f i v e individual
reviews about for new testament literature.
i have a psychology project due very soon on the study of children who lose
a sibling, and the grief that they face and the way that their upbringing changes, etc.
i have a paper due on discipling, and one due on international ministry.
i have an art review due.
a piano quiz tomorrow.
i life fitness final on thursday
{i barely passed high school p.e...i'm kind of freaking out for this one!}
all other pieces of homework.
and then F I N A L S  W E E K.

have mercy on me.
i'm sorry for complaining.
if you've read this far, bless you.
i do love school, actually.
and i feel somewhat productive
so i'm not freaking out...
yet. ;)

anyhoo, after sitting for hours on end at a desk,
the internet becomes your best friend.
have you guys seen this video?
i laughed so much.
it brings a bit of comic relief when you find yourself immersed in a psychology book.

for all of you who are studying today, i wish you the happiest studying!
and for those of you just enjoying your sunday...well, i wish i were you!


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