Friday, April 5, 2013

i think that one day i will pack up my bags and move to new york.


yesterday, while in barnes & noble, i came across this book.
i reminded myself of my bucket list goal to live in paris
for any period of time.
i mean, i think it's absolutely necessary for me to do so in my life time ;)
anyhoo, my goal is to study abroad fall semester of my senior year in paris
{fingers crossed!}
i suppose i considered that period of time my only chance at living in this city.

however, i have a whole new idea inspired by my brief encounter with this book.
now all i have to do is read the book, learn some tips, allow some {or, a lot} of time to pass,
and then spontaneously pick myself up from where i live, and move.

now if only life were that simple;)
i suppose my goal of new york city will have to do for now,
because in my eyes, nyc is the center of the world.


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