Friday, April 26, 2013

i took oregon in today,

because exactly one week from this very moment i will
no longer be in newberg, oregon.
sure, i'll come back to this place.
but i'm certain when i say that the likelihood of me
ever living here is slim to none.

anyways, i tagged along with some friends today and
we went to the docks that are out on a lake {or a river,
the girls kept calling it a river}.

i didn't go into the water because i'm not a huge fan or murky water.
on the docks laid other fox students...older ones.
and us freshmen girls decided to skip the crowd to go and find
a rope swing, and a more isolated spot.

upon arriving to this little spot, i decided to take in everything,
and this is what i observed...

upon the horizon of the gloomy water were thick rows of
oregon grown trees. thick colors of green stretched up and down,
above and below. stacked upon each other with tired branches and signs of age.

a bridge had gotten caught up in the distance, some many years ago.
it's shape felt imbalanced, ill-fitting to my view.

the girls around me laughed and swam about in the water.
i watched and laughed as they dared to go higher into the tree.
quirky conversation and bits of nostalgia filled the air.

to my right, and beyond a branch were the voices of other people.
people i now recognize, but could never call by name.
and there i was.
my feet sank beneath the clay of this oregon earth.
the cold water turned my feet numb.
the sun burnt into my shoulders as if saying, i've missed you. see, i'm still here.

i grew thirsty as the heat wore on, but i found myself grateful for the sun's consuming feel.
summer was coming, it was evident even in the little town that always seems to rain.

it soon dawned on me that i will look back on this day for a long while.
nine months ago i could no list the names of the girls that now stood before me.
for most of them, i still can't tell you their middle name, their favorite color, or the boy they like most.
i can't say that i have some bond with them that will last a life time,
but i can say that their names will never leave me because in this moment today i loved where i was at.

dirty feet,
matted hair,
gritty hands,
and the taste of warm sun.
i was enveloped and in awe of where i was.
it was just a small body of water,
with some people i may never see again.
and yet it was a small moment, past some old railroad tracks located in a little town in oregon
that made me touch the earth a bit.

i felt for only a moment, a twinge of regret for leaving this place.
and as mr. oregon walked past me at dinner, seemingly looking my way,
i had was necessary, for me to wonder what life would be like if i suddenly chose to stay.

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