Monday, April 1, 2013

"let's tell a great story" {for reals} or the possibility of it becoming a great story.

two fridays ago i flew home for spring break.
on that flight of mine was a very handsome fellow...
let's call him mr. cruz.
mr. cruz is a californian going to school here in oregon,
and, just like me, he was beginning his spring break.

i remember seeing him on my flight.
cute boys on my flights always make me nervous because
i look very awkward when i travel and, let's be honest, a germ-filled plane
doesn't leave you feeling your cutest or cleanest.
i saw him and thought that he was cute.
we even made eye contact a few times.
though i dismissed that eye contact for him looking at me only because
my backpack was half my size, my purse had personal belongings spilling over the sides, and my suitcase was large enough to fit two of me...not to mention i struggled lifting it off of the baggage claim conveyor right in front of him.

needless to say, that friday i felt like i was simply an amusement for the guy.
well, as i left the airport i saw him sit down and i thought to myself once more, "handsome."

well, come today, on my return flight,
g u e s s  w h o  w a s  s i t t i n g  i n  m y  t e r m i n a l ?


but to my dismay, he boarded the flight before me,
and i was one of the last passengers to board.
all i could think was, "great, i have to awkwardly find a seat on this full plane while this guy is around...again!"

so i kept walking towards the back of the plane looking for a seat.
and lo and behold, there was one seat left.
next to mr. cruz.
yep, i laughed as i tripped into my middle seat, backpack first.

what was so great was not only his friendliness,
but the fact that he was just as frazzled.
he's tan, with dark, very shortly cut hair, dark dark eyes, somewhat tall {turns out he plays basket ball}
and he was dressed very handsomely.
nothing about his appearance screams "literature major"
{yes, i judged a book by its cover!}
but i took one look at the amount of school work he had...everywhere!
and i knew, "lit. major."
yep, i was right.

well, after the flight was well underway, mr. cruz surprised me and asked me a question.
say what?
was this guy talking to me?
i stuttered on my words and asked him to repeat the question.
and. he. did.

his voice is kind and mellow.
turns out he's a year older than me,
lives very near to where i live back at home,
is studying literature,
and has even read some of my favorite books.

the two of us quietly walked to baggage claim, side by side,
and when i fell behind he slowed his pace and waited for me.
once we came down nearer to our bags, i said a goodbye and told him
thank you for talking and that it was great meeting someone new.
honestly, i didn't want to come across as though i had more to say or even annoy the poor guy.
so i told myself, walk away. you'll never hear from him again anyways. he probably didn't enjoy talking to you as much as you're assuming.
blah blah blah.
i'm ridiculous.

so i went to retrieve my bag
{awkwardly, of course}
and as i rolled it away and said goodbye,
mr. cruz did something that hasn't been done in much too long a time.
and this time, he was the one stuttering on words,
"hey...just in case you're ever in salem...uhm, can i have your number?"

yes. yes, mr. cruz, you can have my number.
so in that moment, i felt like carrie bradshaw.
i looked away and giggled a bit...trying not to smile from ear to ear.
i straightened out my shoulders and softened my voice as best i could to
let him know that i wasn't at all weirded out by his question.

so, i've already heard from mr. cruz.
he said that whenever or if ever i find myself near salem or santa cruz,
to text him so we can have coffee or something "and talk literature."



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