Monday, April 1, 2013

"let's tell a great story"

i'm obsessed with pinterest.
it's easily one of my most
preferred pastimes.
especially as i sit here in the airport...e x h a u s t e d .

anyhoo, living amongst twenty-five or so girls,
we talk an awful lot of weddings, engagements, babies, etc...
perhaps it has something to do with a little thing called ring by spring? ;)

i've always dreamed of somewhat of a big wedding...
you know, homemade decor, a vintage-laced dress,
the backdrop of a barn, very casual, very creative and simple...blah blah blah.
well, the other day i saw a video over on a cup of jo
and it changed my entire perspective on weddings...
yep, it was the best wedding video i have ever seen, ever.
and i'm not just saying that!

so now, if ever i actually convince a boy to settle down with me,
i've decided that i'll let him off the hook with all of the stressful
wedding planning stuff and just give us the option of running away and adventuring.

i like my idea, thank you very much ;)

here's that adorable video:

and here are some of my most favorite pinterest pictures!

p.s. i'm on my way back to the 'berg as i type.
i can't believe i only have a whole month left!
may third, come quickly, this girl is ready to begin summer!


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