Monday, April 29, 2013

mr. oregon

so today i admitted to mr. oregon that last night he looked ridiculously handsome.
because he truly looked ridiculously handsome.
anyways, when i said it i began to feel my face warm up,
and it just so happened that his, too, turned red as he fumbled over his
thank you's.

mr. oregon made me sad that i'll be leaving this place.
actually, i was already feeling a bit sad.
i feel like newberg wasn't shown to me at its finest.
like i missed out on the quirks of this little town.
anyways, i'm sad. i'm so blessed and excited to begin a new chapter,
but i feel like just now people are beginning to come into my life
and it's too late...

mr. oregon sat across from me and looked me in the eye and asked
"so are you leaving...or are you staying...?"
and i had to reply, "i just withdrew..."
and my heart sank.
he reassured me that i was doing the right thing.

because i am.
but the right thing hurts a bit.

mr. oregon sat across from me,
blue eyes bluer than ever.
{they just about killed me, i swear}.
he talks low and his voice is even.
maybe it's the way he dresses,
because he dresses so well.
or maybe its the way he carries himself.
yes, it's the way he carries himself.

mr. oregon is totally okay with eating alone.
usually he carries a book or an assignment around with him.
he's serious and intense at first...though the minute he begins to talk
nothing but kindness comes from his words.
he has a quiet demeanor...he doesn't require attention and he isn't one to ask for much.

he plays music,
and is passionate about god's word.
and in class he writes all over his notes and in his journal.

those bursts of words of inspiration...they're only something that we writer's understand.

anyways, mr. oregon is handsome, and simple, and seems like he has so much to say.
and all i wanted to do before i left was sit there and listen.
but it's too late.
because even though i'm still physically here,
i've been gone for quite some time now.

but if someone would have asked,
i would have stayed.


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