Saturday, April 27, 2013

my right arm and my mind full of memories.

i've been wanting a tattoo for years.
and i have specifically wanted the same
tattoo for about three of those years.

a colorful, little sparrow on my right arm.
my friend izzy and i have been talking about
them lately...the tattoo i want and the tattoo she wants.

anyhoo, i figure since i've wanted the same thing for
a few years that it's probably just fine for me to get it.
so that's one of the things on this summer's bucket list.

i was talking to someone on a recent trip back home
and they suggested a little place in santa cruz.
i love santa cruz, especially this little hole in the wall
sandwich shop downtown.
i guess when the weather's right and i have some free
time i'll make my way over the mountain to that pretty little place
and get myself a sparrow and a sandwich.
because all i really want right now is summer time and a tattoo.

there's a few others i'd like to get some other time, but i think
that the sparrow is fitting, especially during this new transition in my life.

i went through a lot in middle school that caused me to think a certain
way about myself, and such thinking could have caused me my life.
i still deal with those things now..i've learned that somethings will forever stay with you in life.

but god intervened, as he always seems to do in my life, and i will
always look at my right arm...the one that allows me to write and to express myself...
and i will know that god spared it, and that he blessed it.
and i'd like to look at it and see something beautiful and meaningful to me.
i don't care if i grow old with it, because i'll grow old with my memories and with
my stories anyways.

well, that's all for now.
five more days and mom and dad will be here.
my room is growing hollow, as i take pieces of myself
down from the walls.
at random moments i imagine myself hugging oregon,
breathing in this spring air, observing the greenery, and memorizing the faces of those i've grown accustomed to, and the ones i have even grown to love.



  1. We should get tattooed together! I've been wanting one for a while. :)

  2. I want to! Have you heard of Cruz creations?