Monday, April 8, 2013


it's my birthday today.
i don't care much for it.
it doesn't make me extra happy or anything.
i'm kind of an awkward person so the
acknowledgement from others that this
day brings only enhances my awkwardness.
at least that's how i feel.

the whole concept of a birthday is funny to me.
when i think of the birthdays of those whom i love
i feel such gratitude for their life. i want to spoil
them and jump up and down for them.
for me, it's just another day.
though hearing from loved ones is very nice.

i always wondered how my first birthday away
from home would feel. it's a lot quieter than it
would be at home. i didn't tell people it was going
to be my birthday, so there hasn't been any
awkward 'happy birthday' encounters.
there's no cake and candles,
or breakfast, or presents on the kitchen table.
{though my friend rachel left me some lovely
treats on my bed which i thought were so wonderful}
i'll spend the rest of my afternoon studying for classes.
and then i'll eat dinner in a cafeteria, surrounded by the
girls i love so dearly.

nineteen sounds like a pretty good age to me.
not too old and not too young.
plenty of time to screw up and plenty of
time to learn more and more lessons.

i don't know what nineteen will bring me
but i'm excited that god blessed me with
another year to be with those i love
and to discover more about life.

to all you other april 8th birthdays,
i wish you a wonderful day
and a fantastic year.


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