Friday, April 19, 2013

silly like that.

a handsome boy walked past me this evening.
usually i see him when i get my water from
the soda fountain.

he's blond, not very tall, and athletic, nonetheless.
i've heard a thing or two about him.
but i know nothing other than his name and that he plays a sport.

anyways, tonight as he passed me by he said "i like your scarf."
my friends and i laughed as we walked past, and after i had said thank you.
in the distance i could hear a friend of his make some sort of sarcastic remark.

there's not a single thing that is significant about this compliment other than
the fact that these oregonian boys have been redeemed just a bit in my eyes.
the boys that i have encountered here have all been shy. they don't quite take the
hint and they lack determination and nerve.
although, mr. pacific was a breath of fresh air...though i blame his experience
on having lived in southern california.

nonetheless, an oregon boy spoke up tonight because he supposedly liked my nordstrom scarf.
as silly as that is, because no boy has ever complimented my scarf.
but it gave me a hardy laugh and made for excellent conversation among my two friends and i as we walked away.

and what was more perfect...the sun had come out.
i suppose it was a taste of what it will be like when
i'm back in my california territory with forward, california boys.
i can just see the warm, sunny nights now ;)

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  1. awww so cute <3

    xxx Zari