Monday, April 22, 2013

so beautiful today.

everything outside is clear...vivid...vibrant.
i cannot stop myself from repeatedly looking
over my shoulder and out my window.
i feel like pinching myself just to see if this
sunshine is real. it's been more than half a day and
i have yet to see a single cloud.
i cannot recall the last time i literally could not see
one single cloud up in the sky.

i was buried in the library for a short while earlier,
and upon exiting through its doors i saw the little clusters,
and even crowds, of people out on the quad.
a visitor to oregon and the campus would just assume that this was
a typical college day.
another onlooker might simply assume that something exciting was happening.
but it's safe to say that we students all know that it's the weather that is causing these crowds.

can you believe that i only have four days left of classes?
not one bit of me is begging time to slow its pace.
no, i'm ready to run through these two weeks with full force.
but it's not like you guys didn't know that or anything ;)

all day i've been noting the change in people.
they're smiling more.
i can hear the echoes of laughter booming up the canyon.
guys and gals mingle,
and it's easy to tell that the gals feel pretty because so many of them
brought out their spring bests today.
dresses and skirts and sandals and t-shirts worn by everyone!
it's like i've stepped into california territory or something.

spring is definitely in the air.
and i'm enjoying watching those around me catch it.
i, on the other hand, am planning on summer being a time
of quiet, and newness, and bits of adventuring.
i cannot wait to begin nannying in two weeks.
i miss my kiddos, and can hardly wait to have them climbing everywhere and telling me stories and asking me questions and teaching me how to be five and ten years old again.

i'm also looking forward to lots of reading,
even some baking! {because i've been keeping tabs on yummy treats}
oh, and let's not forget...r o m a n i a .
these next four months are kind of a big deal to me,
though i hope that they remain simple and nutritional to this phase of my life.

all that said, i'm ready to pack up my stuff,
simplify everything at home,
read a lot,
drink lots of tea,
see lots of beautiful faces,
write about new places,
and do my best at nannying to four amazing littles.


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