Sunday, April 7, 2013

that feeling.

you know that feeling
the one where something
happens and your heart stops?

the one where your heart beats
faster faster faster.
so quick that it builds up and into your throat.
you feel like your stomach is turning,
and suddenly there is a sinking feeling to it all.

it could be a name your hear,
or a conversation. or a picture you see.
it's a feeling that comes on suddenly and
shatters all prior feelings of normalcy.

suddenly, you wish your heart would stop
for just a split second.
your eyes well up and you can't sit still.
all you want is to see and to speak with
the one person that's making your heart sink
down down down.

sleep is no longer possible,
and your thoughts are on one hundred.
it's cold, and it's raw, and it's entirely familiar.
yet, you somehow cannot comprehend the fact that
you feel such away again.

because, what you're feeling within your bones
are the beginning pangs of a breaking heart.
when emotions falter,
and the feeling of love is silenced.
and sleep is no more,
and two becomes just one.

suddenly, you enter the realm
of mr. darcy and mr. rochester.
and you find yourself to be
a jane or an elizabeth.
prior to the happy endings, anyways.

the end.

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