Saturday, April 13, 2013

the scariest thing to EVER happen to me.

okay, that title is a tad bit of an exaggeration, 
BUT, for a moment i thought
this could be it! this could ruin me! gasp!

i don't quite know how it happened...
leave it to me to sit in a broken chair.
there was a break in the side of the chair i was 
sitting in tonight in the cafeteria.
there i was, sitting at a table with some of the
members of my missions team. i went to scoot my chair
into the table, and...BAM.
three of my middle fingers got stuck between a piece of metal and
a piece of plastic on the broken side of the chair. 
at first i was shocked by the pain and then, well, i freaked out.

long story short, for about thirty or forty seconds, my fingers were jammed
in this crack and i whaled and cursed as i tried to free myself.
my friends kyle and patty jumped up to help me, as some others sitting around
just stared at the commotion i was making.

it was the longest duration of seconds. ever.
i felt like my fingers were slowly being sliced off.
all i could think was, call the freaking fire department.
free me from this stupid chair.
what if i can never write again??!!?
yeah, my thoughts were that dramatic.

anyhoo, finally my hand was freed, and now my middle
finger is all swollen and my hand has been curled in a fist all evening.
but the campus pastor helped me clean my hand up, which totally helped.
she's kind of an awesome person.

well, i let out one too many curse words, which i felt embarrassed about,
but hey, i'm still working on improving my vocabulary ;)

 it all ended up being a great night. we had our missions
banquet where my team and i  were able to see a video of romania.
words cannot begin to describe my excitement for romania and moldova.
i just want to see bucharest and chișinău and galați already!
and meet all of the wonderful people.

recently i've been asked the same question repeatedly,
what do you want to do?
well, i want to write, and travel, and work with missions teams and organizations, and teach, and specialize in working with trafficked girls. 
i don't care how simple life is, or how little pay i make, or the dangers that may find me.
i just want to serve, always. and love, 
and be impacted by beautiful people who too often go unknown.
tonight i could feel a love that god has planted in my heart.
it's starting to feel as though it's bursting within me.
it's a love and compassion that i've never felt before -
it's a feeling of just wanting to move. go. live. serve.
i look around myself, and i feel blessed for the life that i've been given,
and yet i am restless in the comforts that surround me.

i long to be in an unfamiliar place with people who have hurt.
this feeling will never leave me unless i go.
i wish i could just be on that plane already so that i could
see what god's plans are all about.
swollen middle finger and all ;)

the end.

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