Thursday, April 18, 2013


i took my first spring semester final nearly two hours ago
and since then i have been completely and utterly unable to
find the motivation to do anything productive with myself.

i hate to admit it, but i have been vigorously searching for
a dress to wear next sunday to the spring formal.
a very sweet friend of mine (sam) came to my room last
night and asked me to the formal.
i detest dancing of any sort was sam. and he's awesome.
and the dance is on my last sunday here.

the fray, ungodly hour and never say never have been playing in the background,
i've been stuffing my face with chocolate,
and a letter to my parents has been running through my mind.
{as well as my indecisiveness with finding a dress!}

life is good, though.
i was off a bit this morning.
remember that boy that tried to kiss me two weeks ago?
well, it's like i no longer exist when i see him around here and there.
but i want him to know that i'm still here. and that i wish him well.
and that it's such a shame that timing and i never quite get it right.
but boys are silly, anyways.
and as much as a bit of rejection hurts, i'm trying to focus my attention
onto things that chocolate ;)

i don't know the purpose behind this post,
other than i just got off of the phone with my parents and
my dad said "unfortunately, you're exactly like me."
and it was the best thing my dad has ever said to me, aside from "i love you."

i've always wanted to be like this man.
he has the writing skills i envy.
and he's the one guy that i'm going to give a damn about for a long while...and that's fine by me.

p.s. i had to post this song. it's so beautiful. and so relevant to my life.


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