Thursday, April 4, 2013

when i'm home.

i feel closest to home when i'm in a barnes and noble.
the one closest to my college is probably the best one i've
been in yet.

my friends got me out this afternoon,
and it helped me to simply breathe.
i took my journal and, thanks to an
early birthday gift from ally, a barnes
and noble gift card with the intentions to
write a little and buy some gatsby.

i walked up the stairs with a lot on my mind,
and just when i reached the top, the sun came through
the windows that lined the reading wall.
there were empty seats along the windows that overlooked the clearing sky.
such a beautiful view.

i placed fitzgerald before me,
feeling a bit shy to begin writing.
but i was able to get some words out,
and it felt wonderful.

i thought a little bit about mr. fitzgerald,
and i thought a little bit about romania.
i even gave mr. pacific some thought as well.
but what took over my mind the most was how
lost i wanted to be among the books.
and how much i longed to look out at the beautiful sky
and know that it was over california.

i miss my california,
and the warmth that exists there.
i then felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude
that i will be enrolling in a new school for this fall.
and that this new school just so happened to be in irvine.

i miss my california,
the people there,
and the feeling of home.

dear irvine, ready or not, here i come.

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